newport beach temple

One of my favorite things in the world is visiting the LDS temples around the world. 

And somehow, we always end up ending our trips with a trip to a temple!

I just love that about our vacations!

newport-sneak peek.jpg

It is so beautiful! I read a little bit about the Newport temple before I photographed the temple and here is a couple facts about it:

  • 122nd temple dedicated 
  • Dedicated by President Gordon B Hinckley
  • On January 13, 2005, a statue of the angel Moroni crowned the temple. During placement, a remarkable solar halo was visible, which surrounded the sun. Once Moroni was in place, the phenomenon dissipated.
  • There was a lot of protesting that occurred before the construction, but Heavenly Father's work prevailed (even through there was compromises to the temple like the color of the temple & height of the spire)!

I love visiting those temples!

This is my 11th temple visited & definitely did not disappoint.

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