So the reunion was ending and the Ruettinger side all left back for AZ.

& off to Santa Monica we went.

Chad had told me all week how he wanted an "Unicorn grilled cheese", whatever that was hahaha

We drove and drove and then we passed a road sponsored by Disneyland.

Me: Oh my gosh Chad, can we take an alternate route? I might cry if we passed by Disneyland. (Cause I have begged Chad to go for a while but he always says no because I am very, very pregnant haha)

Chad: Nah, let's just go!

Me: no way, NO WAY!!!!!!!!

Chad: Yep, we are going to DISNEYLAND!

And then I cried haha

Also, suddenly everything started to make sense like Chad telling me earlier "look who wore their adventure shirt today!" (there is no specific adventure shirt of mine haha) along with several other little things here and there!

It was the 50th anniversary of Pirates of the Caribbean. As well as Spring Break so the park was SUPER full.

Also, we vowed to NEVER come back on a weekend & Spring Break again. However, it was so fun!

Life is just better at Disneyland!


Also, we stuffed our faces with dole whips, churros, & Mickey-shaped foods. 

Disney has the BEST food.

Amazing surprise from an AMAZING Husband! 

Uh, I (obviously) LOVE HIM.

So we didn't go to Santa Monica, but Disneyland was DEFINITELY worth it!

Also, I updated my Disneyland Travel Guide, CHECK IT OUT!



My name is Lauren Ruettinger and I am a creative photographer in Gilbert, Arizona. My little family consists of my amazing husband, our mini Goldendoodle, and a baby boy coming in May! I always dreamed of being behind a camera and making magic.