I am nearing the end of the 33rd week of pregnancy.

You heard that right, 33. Weeks. 

Being my first, you would think I would document the crap out of everything. However, documentation has rarely happened. Between working full time, doing photography, and being exhausted all the time it just has not worked in my favor. 

Baby boy is kicking away! It is more like just moving his ENTIRE body all the time, but whatev. He basically acts like a whale in there, a whale breaching the surface haha! I have noticed that he loves to dance around especially when I listen to music at work. It will be so interesting to see how his little personality develops. My side is very loud and crazy, whereas Chad's side is more reserved and calm. So, it really is up in the air!

I have not had a ton of pregnancy cravings. In the first trimester, the weirdest thing I wanted was watered down juice/soda (I know, disgusting!!!!). I especially wanted apple juice (watered down preferred though). The other day, I wanted Animal Cracker Thifty ice cream. It was amazing & I am already dreaming of getting more! And lately, all I want is to crunch ice!

I did not start shopping (in fact, Chad made me promise not to buy anything) until we found out the gender. Let me tell you, for little boys you have to DIGGGGGG to find the cute stuff. It is there, but you gotta work for it! I got several little pieces here and there; clothes, a hat, and the CUTEST, SOFTEST swaddle ever.

he better love Disney....

he better love Disney....

 I also got my diaper bag. Yes, I got a pink diaper bag & I am having a boy (don't really care, I am going to be the one wearing it anyways)! I took it to California with us and on the first day one of Chad's sisters told me "it looks like it would be a great diaper bag!" haha little did they know.... This all just makes it more exciting to see the little babe.

The name is pretty much set in stone (unless he comes out and we enter an "ABSOLUTELY NO WAY HE IS A (blank name here)" situation, which isn't likely). We had the first name picked out for a while, but just settled on the middle name a few weeks ago. Names are so important to me. I am a big believer in the power of a name & growing up with a common name (and being called "Lauren F" my whole life) I knew I couldn't do that to my own kids. I am in love with it! And can't wait to tell more about it once he is born!

To be honest at the beginning of pregnancy, I did not feel super attached to the baby. Like it was a thought I couldn't quite fathom. However as it is getting further and further along, I AM SO DANG EXCITED. I dream (not literally because sleep is hard to come by most days now, thanks pregnancy) about his tiny little face. I dream about counting his 10 fingers & toes. I dream about how cute he will look in his clothes. I dream about how he will probably look like a  baby Chad (AHHHHHHHHH!!!!). I dream about all the little moments (& big ones as well)!

We found the cutest little London telephone booth in California & so naturally we took some maternity pictures! It was almost like being in London (ugh, my DREAM!). However, I left my tripod at home so we did not get any couples pictures (BOO!). 

I can't wait to meet our little babe & snuggle him all up!!!! 


My name is Lauren Ruettinger and I am a creative photographer in Gilbert, Arizona. My little family consists of my amazing husband, our mini Goldendoodle, and a baby boy coming in May! I always dreamed of being behind a camera and making magic.